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My husband and I were driving on Sunday as we listened to Krista Tippet speak to Adele Diamond about the Dhali Llama and the Mind-Life Project. We were excited because we had just returned home from Atlanta where we attended a conference with the Dhali Llama and a number of scholars from around the world who are studying areas such as the science of compassion. I was happy to hear Adele Diamond talk about her studies about educating children; she is one of the scholars from all over the world who are working with the Dhali Llama and his Mind Life Initiative.
My son David is earning his PHd in Buddhism from Emory University. Since he was in undergraduate school, we have heard about the Mind Life Project and the different people associated with it, so it was a thrill to finally see and hear what they are all talking about.
David is also in medical school at Cornell Weill School of Medicine, wants to be a psychiatrist, and is taking time to earn his Phd in Buddhism--he is hoping that the pairing of eastern and western medicine will yield new and better results for patients suffering from metal illness.
I am a Christian, but sometimes I feel like one of the three kings from the Orient in the New Testament who went searching wide and far for the new wisdom; I search for new answers to the old questions that confront us all today. Perhaps the Dhali Llama and those associated with the Mind Life project will help us with this search toward ultimate truth.