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I listened to your show with Mouw and question how can anyone believe that it is civil to say gayness is a sin and expressing your love for a person of the same sex will doom you to hell. No matter how pretty you say it, this is cruel and uncivil and just plain wrong.

I am tired of this. I am tired of patronizing Christians who believe they are dealing with gays with love and kindness, all the while believing that if the gay person acts on their feelings they are sinning and going to hell. What dissonance!

Mouw was a supporter of civil rights. The bible allowed for slavery, but Mouw knows that slavery is wrong. Why is he treating gays different from blacks? Does he believe gayness is a choice? If so, he is uneducated. If not a choice, how can it be a sin?

Mouw, you are stuck in the past. No matter how polite you are you are not being civil and your discourse is cruel.