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Those of you who are slanderously denouncing Mouw are, quite frankly, being hypocrites.

I understand that anyone who says they believe homosexuality is a sin is offensive. But when you curse at him, call him names, and espouse hate against him, how are you different than the evangelical Christians you think you are so very different from.

Consider: If someone tells you he is a Christian, do you not automatically characterize him and instinctually demonize him for what you perceive him to be? How is that different than a Christian doing the same thing to someone when they learn he or she is homosexual.

It is not.

As long as you spew venom and hate, you are fertilizing the ground of the hateful movements on the "other side." They become hateful, so you do, and the cycle continues.

When did it become unacceptable for people to respectfully disagree? There are people who, for example, I think are crappy moms. I disagree with the way they do things, the way they raise their kids. But I don't have to cruelly embarrass, attack or hate them. I live my life in the way I want and try to affect positive change when and where I can. I know many Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin who also believe that bullying, cruelty and hatefulness against homosexuals is EQUALLY sinful.

They don't like your lifestyle, and you don't like theirs. Mouw is advocating a respectful and sensible discourse on this, and you are attacking him. I think it's a good rule to always think, when one is criticizing someone, if they could make the EXACT same criticism of your behavior. If so, then reconsider.

Someone has to be bigger here. Someone has to stop the hate. When we put up these walls of stereotypes and violent hateful emotions, no one makes progress. Many evangelical christians have dehumanized homosexuals; many liberal Americans have dehumanized evangelical Christians. How is this productive? How does this help accomplish the goal of equality for all?

It doesn't. So stop reacting to someone's title and start considering where you can meet and find common ground. Treat each other with basic respect and dignity. Stop creating monsters out of what you don't understand.

I am a strange creature because I am a socially liberal native of the deep South. I love my friends who are evangelical Christians and I love my friends who are gay. It makes me angry to see willful ignorance, but too often, we only talk about the willful ignorance of the conservative/evangelical. If you can't get past your anger (that is often really justified, I understand) to stop being ignorant of what the people in the Christian community who *want* to reach out are saying, you are abandoning the cause of equality in favor of hate and revenge. And that just means that those who would continue to persecute remain in the drivers seat.

Reach out. Accept Christian leaders who speak out for knowledge, understanding and respect. Swallow your anger and see it for what it could be: real progress.