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Hmmm. Can't edit my post with either of my browsers, so I'll just add that when I say Being (the show) doesn't model love of certain kinds of conservatives, I mean the show excludes and suppresses them and their views, that they and their views aren't well understood nor is much effort made to understand them on the show except as the Other, that they are often criticized in ways no others are, not always correctly and even when others are deserving of similar criticism, and in short that there is an obvious, powerful and persistent bias against them. None of this bias is consistent with love (though criticism may be). I refer to people like Glenn Beck, Franklin Graham, and the less progressive figures Ms. Tippett lists in her column above, and their followers and fellow travelers--mostly not only well known people but an entire class of believers.

If anyone doubts the show's clearly polarized approach hasn't had the polarizing effects Ms. Tippett seems to fear on the audience, a survey of the comments so far ought to be a good clue.