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No doubt some of this will ring a bell. Conservative Christians characteristically believe in traditional "family values," especially where they coincide with biblical teaching. In the Bible, sex outside of marriage is a serious sin, and there's enough talk there about the evils of infidelity and the good of upholding marriage relations to suggest that God puts a lot of importance in marriage and family relations. Marriage is regarded as a divine institution.

On what might be regarded as a higher or more abstract spiritual level, there is in the New Testament a strong streak of suspicion of the things of this fallen material world, including the carnal. The New Testament concept that the body is a temple is interpreted partly in terms of sexual purity, and sex is regarded as having deep spiritual ramifications. Sex lacking the proper spiritual and marriage foundation is viewed as corrupting of the soul and the community, while sex within that framework is viewed as a divine gift and integral part of God's plan for us. Carnal lust, i.e. sexual desire outside the divine spiritual and marriage framework, is typically viewed as a false substitute for and corruptor of divine desire and Love.

The sexual revolution took the opposite side on almost every point. Sex was typically viewed as desirable outside of marriage, as a casual thing for the here and now, and marriage was devalued as an institution. The results of the sexual revolution included a steep rise in divorce rates with a fall in marriage rates, and an apparent increase in sex outside of marriage. It also saturated the culture to a higher degree than before with consumerism and entertainment based on sexual lust.

In addition to the profound spiritual damage conservative Christians believe this has caused, they also believe it has caused more down-to-earth damages, including less stable family and personal relations and whatever social problems are associated with those, ranging from increased psychological damage for adults and children to AIDS and other STDs.

They also associate the sexual revolution with a rise in abortions caused by more sex outside of marriage and more casual attitudes about the whole reproductive process, including the divine nature and full human status of the fetus.