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Is this where the comments about this week's show are supposed to be hidden? There was an invitation at the end of the show to leave comments at the blog, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious place to do so. I see there's also a place to leave comments at the page for this episode, which requires more personal information than I care to share.

While I appreciate whatever broadmindedness might be involved with inviting a conservative like Mouw to your show, this choice continues the tradition of inviting conservatives who will be critical of other conservatives, saying what liberals like to hear about conservatives (but not about themselves), as was also done with John Danforth and Jim Wallis. The kinds of conservatives criticized remain poorly understood and poorly represented on this show, despite their large number and influence. They still need to be reached out to and allowed to speak for themselves, just as much as the atheists and such the show is noticeably bending towards.

Maybe underlying the reluctance to have Glenn-Beck-like guests is a belief that some values regarded by many as spiritual, such as the rightness of harsh condemnation of homosexuality or of people one thinks are spiritually wrong, cannot be valid spiritual values. If that's the position of the show, it would be most forthcoming to say so. I think it isn't the self-evident position it might appear to be, not even as it would apply to Beck and others singled out for criticism on this show (and website). At least bringing this mode of thought into the open would allow it to be examined and questioned. There's some very harsh stuff in some revered spiritual guides, so it would be revealing, at least, to know on what grounds the staff filter the values implied by that so securely as to exclude some of them from being represented on the show (and website), except of course to criticize and dismiss them. And, since they aren't represented by those who hold them, risk misunderstanding and misrepresenting them.

Putting this in a more specific spiritual light, I wonder if the position of the show is to look at Beck, Franklin Graham and many others and say, paraphrasing Paul, "We have no need of you in the Body of Being."

And of course the connection to the topic post is plain.