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As I drove alone listening to the entire interview, and now have read the comments above and before mine, I was quite moved about the encounter Mr. Mouw had at a service/lecture where he did not shy from the conservative view of same sex as sin. But meeting a couple who enthusiastically endorsed his view, he took the step of reconciliation - forgiveness perhaps, with the olive branch advice, ""we have to find some common ground and stop yelling at each other. The couple unexpectedly wept confessing that their son was homosexual and they wanted to find some way to accept and reconcile with their belief system and Scripture.

I am struck with the passsage about St Therese and the convent mate that she loathed until she realized that she was also one of God's creations. Do not all artists take pleasure in their work being admired? What if God created humans with same sex love hard wired? What if being gay was a gift of God for the individual and the rest of us? Is the fear and loathing hatred encouraged in the duplicitous "hate the sin; love the sinner" truth or mendacity? Are we so sure we know that we are loving God above all things, and our neighbor, even if they be gay, as ourselves? Being too sure seems like pride, which comes before the fall. We seek Jesus and God in the great and glorious, but we find him where we least suspect. We are all sinners, and must learn to love harder than we have learned to judge with our imperfect means and minds.