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Very thought provoking story on stem cells and especially Dr. Taylor's perspectives on the moral obligation she feels to pursue her work. Indeed, I found Dr. Taylor's response to William Saletan's question ("How far should we strip-mine humanity in order to save it?") most thought provoking.

She answered by identifying the difficulty of denying the claim to stem-cell research levied by a concerned mother whose child is suffering and could be cured. What struck me most about this comment is that if one believes the embryo is either human life or potential human life (which obviously not all agree on) then one of main differences between the embryo and the mother is the mother's ability to communicate and to plea for compassion. The embryo has no such ability to communicate the need for survival or to request our aid on his/her behalf.

Here is where many in the religious community would insert the moral obligation to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak on their own behalf. Anyways, just more thoughts that have been provoked and might provoke more thoughts. Thank you for the thoughtful treatment of very sensitive topic.