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The first (Cello) piece seems to offer the widest and most nuanced embrace of the three. In other words, it is the best choice in my book since your show is such a panoramic conversation which is defined by a paradoxical, yet healthy, duality: "an intimacy that strives to encompass the universe" (to quote Jon Pareles writing in The New York Times in March 2009 about U2).

As a final aside, it is interesting to note that all three samples are with stringed instruments in the lead and I found myself wondering what a piano-lead version might sound like. Obviously you would need it to be very legato in places but a piano version could give you the option to create some interesting and quite meditative-like melodies that speak to a wide audience. The piano intro to Chet Baker's "Alone Together" as well as Chopin's Nocturnes (particularly as performed by Ivan Moravec) come to mind as examples of where you might begin when thinking about the possibilities of what a piano-lead theme might sound like.

Good luck!