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I am a middle-age man who has suffered from depression for most his life in part do to the lost of trust during childhood abuse. I listened intently to this incredible story and intelligent woman's phenomenal message with cleansing tears of joy flowing down my checks because I know first hand the experience and truth of her discoveries. Through incredible faith and a constant, consistent, ever-present deep relationship with Jesus Christ guiding me and the help of numerous individuals He brought in to my life to counsel and help me along on my journey working through the issues and components of the abuse, breaking my silence and confronting my abuser, learning in the process to forgive, educate, re-parent myself by establishing healthy boundaries as an adult, I have moved from victim, to survivor, to over-comer and in to a thriving realm of the person God intended me to listen and assist others along their journey of healing. This process will continue the rest of my earthly life I believe. peace & love Steve LL