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I put my hand into the African Grey's cage. Wuji is startled. 

Suddenly, I find the skin of my arm in his mouth. He squeezes me pretty hard because he is falling and trying to catch his balance. That gets him thinking, 

"Do you deserve a little something for making me lose my cool?"

He considers the prospects and volunteers to play the heavy. As his resolve hardens, the pressure increases. He is committing himself to the action. 

I can, of course, move my arm the opposite direction to escape; if he holds on it will make him fall. He will get hurt instead of me. I don't want that. 

His strategy shifts around my response. 

"Or is your arm in my mouth because you're helping me find my balance?" The vice loosens.

Well, in that light we both can see that I am still standing there steady as a rock. I notice my state of mind. I am a little bewildered at the process, calm, and totally at ease. 

At that point we simultaneously looked into each others' eyes and ask one another, "Why am/are I/you biting her/me?" 

Exerting no pressure now, he holds me there a little longer to let me know we both agree on the future in which I am helping him. THAT is the practice! Spirit to spirit.