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I stuttered for nearly 30 years and haven't stuttered for 34 years. However, I have been a professional pet sitter for 16 years. I prefer animals over people. Animals are kinder to each other between species than we are to one another. I have rescued many animals as animals have always rescued me. I, like Dr. Rabinowitz, prefer the company of animals to people every single day of the week. I look into their eyes and they look into mine. We converse with our hearts. I truly adore each and every one. I grew up on a farm in Indiana and I was always in the woods, barn, barnyard, etc. with the animals. They have always been there for me. I am immensely grateful. I say that they are angels God put here to help us through the tough times and to bring us joy and share our joy at other times. Everyone knows me as Nanny Fran. I have been told that I am "over the top" regarding the love and care I think should be there for our dear ones. I see every day how animals help each of us. Each pet is a "pet therapy" pet. We owe them big time! Since I was a toddler I prefered animals to people and still do. Perhaps today even more so than 40 years ago.