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Late July and a heaping bowl of sweet cherry tomato goodness ...benefits of minding a few eating and time-management habits along with a tiny patch o' land.

A quick word on community...

I can't help but be impressed by a certain bond and shared sense of survival that often develops among small farmers or neighborhood growers. Be it a tiny farming village in the hills of southern Europe from where my family originates... or the suburban neighborhoods, scattered among the arable lands of New England, that I call home...

I find that wherever a small plot is still turned and worked for a basket or bushel... a special kind of community exists -- one unique in its shared rituals of the season, its shared counsel, the shared harvest, and the shared challenges that nature often unpredictably brings.

In addition to healthy, happy bellies... I think we may have so much more to gain by rejecting as best we can the industrial farming of today