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Thanks for a great show and for highlighting such a great book. I live in St. Louis and we have a wonderful abundance of farmer's markets and restaurants utilizing local food. I live in the heart of the city and have a native wildflower garden and created a raised bed for vegetables and herbs. It's not hard or even that expensive to make use of what you can grow tomatoes from a bag hanging off the deck and herbs in a small pot in a window.

There is something grounding and connecting, spiritual and yet so very tangible and visceral about food choices. It creates community and a sense of belonging when neighbors stop by to talk about peppers or what flowers are blooming. It creates a sense of connection to the Divine and to the Earth when I work in and with her, feeling dirt on my hands and the full burst of flavor from a freshly picked tomato. I was thinking this morning about the natural rhythm of things and the comings and goings of the cycles of life. Food and being connected to the earth become such a connection to the sacred when viewed and experienced in that manner. Growing food to feed my body feeds my soul in even deeper ways.

In a time when most kids I am around know more about how to recycle to save a tree than to actually climb one, I think this is a powerful movement and choice.
Thanks for the show, thanks for the postings and thanks for all the work you do.

Peace and blessings,
Terri Schanks, MSW, LCSW