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Excellent interview with Eric Hoffman. I enjoyed your perspective on Swedenborg's writings and influence in the World today. I am from the New Church of Concord which is a group in Concord, MA affiliated with the General Church of the New Jerusalem or New Church of Bryn Athyn, PA. Much of what Eric had to say speaks to me personally and reflects the New Church point of view. I particularly liked his description of the human body as an expression of one's soul or spirt and his articulation of Swedenborg's view on Heaven and Hell. I would add that another distinction of new church thinking is very much about finding the harmony between one's "head space" (rational thinking) and "heart space" (one's love and will). This is often referred to as the Heavenly Marriage of truth and good or faith and Charity. The offspring of this heavenly marriage is USE . . . when one knows what is true and wills that it be so, their corresponding action to put it to use in service to their neighbor is the simple formula of the Heavenly state mentioned by Mr. Hoffman. Thanks for sharing this . . . we have a blog called for just this sort of expression. Please feel free to share more.