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1) I think "focusing" in the correct way, brings on awareness. But to be most effective it should a focusing on "nothing" or a Mantra which has no meaning, in order to rid yourself of random thoughts and in fact, "any thoughts at all". This then brings on awareness through this repeated meditation technique. If you focus on a specific image or poem, you are exercising thoughts continuously in the "focusing process" and although this may be a help in some ways, it is not a good method to become more aware of your existence. To do that you must eliminate all thought. 2) "Light" as used in this blog seems to be constrained to "visible light". When used in esoteric/religious terms "Light" means Energy in general, not limited to only a portion of the spectrum, i.e.: visible light. The Universe is made of energy -- matter is only an illusion, and so "light" is a very real component of obtaining complete awareness (enlightenment), but in the sense of "energy", not just visible light. But certainly some peak experiences can come from your brain interpreting a particular pattern of visible light as in the Ansel Adams experience.