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The first ringlet me see a tiny blue flare of light; with the memory ring the blue grew up from a horizon and fluctuated, the second memory brought green and darker strands like stems through the moving greenery. When I released the sound, the blue color returned and intensified to indigo, purple and moving like clouds and filling my vision. In the end, with the re-releasing amidst the dark purple came a detailed glimpse of ancient yellowing teeth in a partial skull that was replaced by a turtle-like head and then the muzzle of an otter? and then two fish/dolphin forms and then a seaturtle and a progression of marine life forms I don't have names for. They were fascinating and beautiful and I felt compassion for them all. As for thevoice of the guide, I often was distracted/annoyed by its intrusion into my experience. How can one focus on one sound while listening to another? But I am glad for what came to me through this exercise. Thank you.