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This guy is really pissing me off, his voice and the way he talks.  Like bad, pretentious poetry.  If I want to meditate or concentrate, give me something interesting to listen to!  Or at least not annoying!

and People: there's nothing "in" there!  It's not in there, it's out here, and you're not taking part in it (and thus incapable of "seeing" or "hearing" it) as you sit alone in your head focusing on your breath.  (plants can breathe!  machines can breathe!)  It's the w o r l d, but only with you in it, not your empty mind or a worldful of mind (God forbid!) but y o u, someone spoken to and speaking, thinking, choosing, daring, shirking, acting.  That is your mind!  That is you!  Not your brain!  Not "presence" or "awareness".  Presence of who? Awareness of what? of who?  You are already part of it (sitting in your self-disabling Buddhist consumerism, hiding in a lifestyle, blinded to reality -- not the "presence" of the incense burning on your desk or your labored organic breath -- but the reality of the world, human reality, the only reality thinkable and possible, and only thinkable and possible in communication, interaction, association, solidarity, freedom.   

Wake up!  You want to be aware?  You're concerned with suffering?  What are you doing about the suffering of the people who made your yoga mat?