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1-Maybe not the striking of the bell with the initial harsh beats it produced, but the fading of the bell, revealing all those harmonics felt like we were doing to sound what a prism does to light. It's easy to focus on something so beautiful. 2- the strange thing was during the "let go" phase when he says to be ready for whatever thoughts rise to fill the space, I became unnerved because I expected some thought to come and it didn't, not until the thought of body tension came in as a result. One thing that really impacted me was the statement "let yourself be ready to receive any and all things. All things, meaning be ready for an earthquake, a whisper, sex, a burglar, a visitor, a knock on the door, or nothing at all; I reflected on the typical postures we take on to receive each of these things... is there an inner posture that makes ready for all of these things? I attempted this union and am unsure of my success, but found the attempt both fun and enlightening.