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i did not try this meditation yet but i had a profound experience with Tibetan Bells in Coba.

we were sitting on top of the pyramid in a little room, trying to heal a woman with cancer.
we sat there, i don't know how long.
when i came out, i saw only the treetops from the top of the pyramid, but i heard what i described as the "music of the spheres".

up until that point, i was uncomfortable to down the pyramid and would go backwards, holding on to the rope.
But this time, i literally "flew" down, face forward.
i arrived at the bottom safely.
i don't know what happened to me, but after that point, i was no longer afraid to go down the pyramids with the face forward. i had discovered this "fear" while on a skilift gondola going down the mountain during the summer in Vermontt. In the winter, on skis, i schussed down the mountain without any frear.