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Before I give you my experience with the bell, please allow me to make a suggestion: Given the latest American violence, and having just seen the film it came from, (Bobby) and being deeply moved by it for several reasons, I want to ask you to play the last 7-10 minutes of Robert Kennedy's voice-over closing out the movie with an appeal for Americans to be aware of violence and be responsible for its ending. I copied it onto a digital recorder. If you will send me an email address that will allow me to send you an audio attachment, I will do so, so you can decide whether you want to go to the original. He speaks to us now in a profound way. And now to the "BELL":

I was especially moved with the "inner gesture" at the end of the meditation, followed by a dedication or intention that the fruits of it go out to all people. This is what I wish now, and this is what I intend. Thank you.