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I grew up in Poland and when I was 7 or 8 my parents took me to see Auschwitz, from that point on I have been obssesed with learning everything I could about the Holocaust. I have every children's book ever written about it (and many adult books) and movies and everything. Although I am not Jewish, many Poles perished in concentration camps as well since they were regarded as the second lowest race. My grandparents siblings were sent to work camps in Siberia. I cannot imagine what all these people went through, I cannot understand those that do not believe it happened, but I totally agree with you that it should never be honor those who died, fought, or survived. On my mother's side there is some speculation that her father came from a Jewish family...he left my grandma when my mom was little so we really cannot find out more information (he has passed). All my mom knows is that their family name was shorteded during the war, and once as a little girl she got in trouble from her grandmother when she cam across a menorah and "kippah" (sorry if that is incorrect, I'm not sure what the proper name is) at her grandmothers house.