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(Hey good women,
I found a piece in my search for truth
that brings me closer rather then farther
I hope you enjoy the spirit like I do
I like to read it while I listen to Stevie Wonder's "If You Really Love Me"
to get the full effect! I'm sure Julian would enjoy these words too.
Good Luck)

The Strength Of Love

Then said Jesus,
"Father, forgive them
for they know not what they do"
-Luke 23:34

If we are to call ourselves Christians
we have better avoid
intellectual and moral blindness
throughout this world.

And even if we die here
without having to receive the earthly promise,
he shall lead us down that mysterious road called death
and at last to that indescribable city
where he has prepared the way for us.

His creative power is not exhausted by earthly life,
nor is his majestic love locked within
these limited walls of time and space.

Would this not be a strangely irrational universe
if death were a blind alley
leading the human race into nothingness?