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This "spiritual but not necessarily religious" space seems to be filling up with more and more people desirious of a real connection with whatever is ultimately real. Its hard to put your fingers around all the unique characteristics of this emerging demographic, but I can relate to the frustration that many have with their religious traditions that have obfuscated the truth.

People, for varying reasons seem to be trying, in their own ways, to seperate, and distiguish the institutional fluff, one mired in a motivation for self preservation, from the organic message.

For me, as of late, Dietrich Bonhoeffer articulation of a religion-less Christianity, seems to speak to this(My knowledge on Bonhoeffer is still just growing, but he seemed to predict a time when a "new language" would emerge).

Here's a Youtube clip of a scene in "Agent of Grace" concerning "Religionless Christianity" --->

It's all very interesting to me, and I really look forward to what you(SOF) will bring to this new show. I'm all ears!!!!!!