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Sometime in the early eighties,living in Las Angeles, and having a professional background in television and theatre, I got the idea of creating a theatrical event celebrating the 5 American Indian nations. In the process of developing the idea I began spending time in the library resourcing information. Sitting Bull became an important focus of my effort. One afterenoon I found a number of books dedicated to Sitting Bull. After checking them out and while walking to my car, I began to sense a form of "energy" tingling over my shoulders and head. The best discription of the sensation: Fourth of July "sparklers" without heat or light. The sensation stayed with me as I drove home and continued to stay with me which, although not being frightening, did perplex me. To get some understanding of the experience I called a physic contact. His analysis; that it indeed was Sitting Bull letting me know he was greatly interested in my project and approved of my effort. I aked my psychic friend what I should do about the "tingling". He said thank Sittig Bull for expressing his interest. Which I did and the tingling stopped. Unfortunately, the project never happened.