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A young born from the Elder's pureness is what you are!
I am grateful that there are still some of you here.

It is the Elders pureness that runs within your veins.

I am grateful because it is from their words and way's that I have
learned how to truly respect all living things.

I plea to the Elder's kin both young and old,
that you do not loose this pure-ness that was passed to you.

I ask the Elder's kin that someday when you are an Elder that you would teach my Grandsons this pureness.

Very soon, a Leader will appear that will come to see that this world must follow this pureness.

This new leader will see that capitalists cannot have it all.

This new leader will see that they must use the pureness of your Elder's ways to survive on this Earth.

This new leader will see that they will have to reach the Redman on the path of life.

This new leader may be among us today, and he/she may be you!

This new leader will tell us all that:
It is not Thanksgiving Day-It is not Un-Thanksgiving Day-
It is Thanksgiving to Earth everyday.
This new leader will EarthSpeak!

Stephen Craig Hansberger