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Though I am not an un-spiritual being, I view this climate change issue pragmatically. The powerful (and corrupt) forces opposed to taking urgent action love money and power more than they love their grandchildren. They can be overtly cynical about it or can be in denial, but that's what it boils down to. To me, it's so very simple: If we take urgent action now, and turn out to be wrong, what's been lost? Only the money possibly lost by the forces opposed to action.(And if they had any sense and initiative, they would find ways to make money out of stopping/reversing climate change!)

But if we turn out to be right, the crash of world civilization will have been averted. Note that
Lester Brown, one of the earliest and most influential environmentalists, recently said that
dealing with climate change isn't "saving the planet"; the planet will do just fine with (or maybe better WITHOUT us). It is world civilization that threatens to disintegrate, as the have-nots try to save themselves, and the haves try to keep them out.