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As a 60-year old who has been environmentally aware for a long time, I appreciated Krista and Bill’s conversation. It’s one of the first times that a broadcast about climate change and not added to my “catastrophe exhaustion”. I have felt so despondent by constant bombardment of stories about contributing components like corporate greed, American rationalization and disbelief of global warming, toxic food sources, & campaigns for population-economic growth. But mostly I am depressed by those people close to me being unconscious about ramifications of their ways of living – like wasting water, avoiding recycling, ignoring mass transit.

Bill’s comments helped me back to a middle path, realizing that my 80-year old neighbor is a learning conservationist, that my local nature center is teaching the public about the issue, about my town that has more than the usual percentage of activists, and about my little neighborhood book club that enjoys occasional books and conversations about environmental issues and then makes behavioral changes.

So my question to the blog-o-sphere: Is there a current book that deals with the topic of global climate change is as clear and non-depressing way as Bill McKibben’s 4-minute explanation? What is it?