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Once again, public radio does not disappoint. The four minute explanation of 350 ppm that gave Krista an apparent tingle up her spine (and caused her to recommend that we send it to everyone we know) failed to make the case that there is any material causal relationship between CO2 and warming. Is there any possibility that a warmer earth increases CO2 concentrations vs. the other way around?

Bill McKibbin gets the equivalent of a Larry King interview and we hear nothing from people who have a thoughtful but different view. I keep hoping public radio will become a true forum for different perspectives so I can learn from both sides. Instead it continues to be a slobber fest over greenies. You are not helping those of us who want to learn.

Our natural environment is a remarkable gift to all of us - I love it and I support sensible stewardship. There are lots of people like me who want to hear the whole story and not the Public Radio slant. Expand your world a little.

McKibbon is a good fit for the show though - his cause has become a religion and heaven (or perhaps mother earth) help the heretic.