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I was happy to hear McKibben's joy in the generation that is now 16 to 25. I'm not willing to take that for granted. I understand why his daughter would understand where the world has to be headed, socially and economically, in new values and methods. I'm not so sure about the rest of that generation. What are children learning, here and in other countries? Children are born with a lot of the right perspective: wanting to be collaborative, accepting their limits.
I especially ask because the five American young men from a mosque near Washington, D.C., who were arrested in Pakistan for seeking to make common cause with jihad, as I understand it, were reported by their religioius community as specifically NOT having "politics" discussed at all at the mosque. Afterschool activities are centered on things like sports, to keep them occupied. That is safe. But was it adequate?
Americans (including our Muslims) are maybe too afraid to discuss politics and religion, to become "educated" communicators in these matters, I'm thinking.
In short, there is space for curious and passionate young people to get snapped up by, um, "enthusiasms." What can I say?
Speaking of Faith (for example) is broadcast where I live at 6:00 AM on Sunday, a "safe" time, but a start.