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Question that demand to be answered:

1. If Man caused Global Warming is a survival issue, why did the Kyoto Protocol allow developing countries to limitlessly pollute?

2. How does carbon trading set in place by Kyoto Protocol reduce pollution with a net reduction of Zero? +1-1=0

3. How is CO2 production connected to religion? CO2 is not mentioned in my Bible.

4. Why does the Kyoto Protocol only deal with the relationship of fossil fuels and CO2? Does not the burning of any renewable energy also produce CO2 ie wood, dried dung, etc?

5. What is the planet Earths major heat source? Why is it not figured in on the Global Warming models?

6. List "Global Warming scientist" predictions which have come true in the past 60 years.

7. How many people would lose their jobs if Al Gore were to announce that he had made a terrible mistake, he is wrong, and he is terribly sorry for all the stress he has put the world through? (refer to Hadley research e-mail hacking) Politicians, scientists, NASA, geologist....... etc

8. I have more practical questions but if these do not raise more questions, you have indeed drank the CoolAid