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I would appreciate global warming believers to provide their commentary on the December 9, 2009 letter sent to the UN Secretary-General from 141 scientists qualified in the field and from across the globe. You can read it here: http://www.copenhagenclimatech....

In response to a comment I made a few days ago, Christine said that there "aren't that many people" who disagree. That is not correct but is irrelevant in any case. Only one person needs question it if the basis of questioning is sound and the questioner competent. Nearly everyone was convinced the world was flat at one point.

These 141 scientists are not lightweights. I hope you'll read their letter and see who they are. Here are the assertions they wish to see proven that have yet to be:

1. Variations in global climate in the last hundred years are significantly outside the natural range experienced in previous centuries;
2. Humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHG) are having a dangerous impact on global climate;
3. Computer-based models can meaningfully replicate the impact of all of the natural factors that may significantly influence climate;
4. Sea levels are rising dangerously at a rate that has accelerated with increasing human GHG emissions, thereby threatening small islands and coastal communities;
5. The incidence of malaria is increasing due to recent climate changes;
6. Human society and natural ecosystems cannot adapt to foreseeable climate change as they have done in the past;
7. Worldwide glacier retreat, and sea ice melting in Polar Regions , is unusual and related to increases in human GHG emissions;
8. Polar bears and other Arctic and Antarctic wildlife are unable to adapt to anticipated local climate change effects, independent of the causes of those changes;
9. Hurricanes, other tropical cyclones and associated extreme weather events are increasing in severity and frequency;
10. Data recorded by ground-based stations are a reliable indicator of surface temperature trends.

Scientists can't even predict tomorrow's weather or hurricane activity but are sure they know what the climate will do years from now and why. I don't believe it is sound science.