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My personal belief is that climate change is real, and as such, it carries huge implications.
I also believe Christ is real. Talk about implications! As a human, I will always fall short.
God makes up the difference in my relationship with Him through Grace.
The climate may not be so forgiving.

I have not and I know of no one - liberal or otherwise - who has given up driving a car, heating their homes with gas, using electricity from a coal powered plant. No one. And I know no one [at least in America] who would tolerate government interference to the degree necessary to change that. So whether or not you think human activity is causing global warming, it does not really matter. It is what it is. We can't change the changing, and all our conservative angst to keep the world the way it "always was" has little or no hope of turning into adequately productive action. As the tundra thaws and releases its greenhouse gases, the tipping point will pass. That point it too near to avoid, if it hasn't passed already.

But some things will stay the same: The Earth will still orbit the sun, and through infinite adaptability, biological life (and probably human life and civilization in some form) will go on. Knowing what will happen and where it will lead (however imprecisely) gives us some sense of control - and thereby, some comfort. Other than that, we inevitably move forward into the inevitable. Debating the details will not help. Will anxiety help the lilies of the field avoid their fate or we ours? And given that we can't really know what we haven't experienced, we truly can't relate to the change that is coming, except in abstract - that it is change and that it is coming.

Perhaps we need to spend time thinking about this situation from a different perspective:
Is the biologically inevitable, by definition, the Creator's will for his biologically-based creation?
Didn't God anticipate global warming when He created humans with the potential to cause it?
If so to what purpose?
Or, by chance, did we throw off His plans when we failed at Nuclear Holocaust, Plan A?
Could Climate Change be His fail-safe, Plan B?
If we don't annihilate ourselves with this one, what's Plan C? Have we any doubt there is one?

Our control got us into this mess. Our anxiety about it betrays our underlying belief that more control is the answer to it. Maybe we do not need to learn more about how to change the world we were given and have abused, but instead learn more about how to be changed by it - how to grow as God's people. Even in situations where there is no opportunity for action, there is often an opportunity for insight. Perhaps this is one.