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Greg, you say "this phenomena is well understood". If you are speaking of the Greenhouse phenomenon, singular, yes, it's simple and understood that certain things will "trap heat".

That's not enough to support everything being said, and the immense upheaval being demanded of our economies and way of life.
Responsible climate scientists are quite clearly saying now that it's young science and very ltittle is known about large parts of the whole.

take Amazongate ... the huge claims about it's vulnerability to a small reduction in rain are found to be only based on WWF type pamphleteering...and the best new studies say quite the opposite. suer, if one projects that wildfires from endles drought comparable to one very bad year's drought, there would be big loss.
But projections are simply what would happen If "such and such were true". Prediction is different.
IPCC expanded an original non scientific claim of 40 % of Brazil's forest being vulnerable, to 40% of all Amazon's forest being at risk from small drop in rainfall.
It's just not true according to the latest science.

these folks need to calm down. Gavin Schmidt, NASA scientist/RealClimate mouth, activist, got arrested for stopping a DEATH TRAIN...loaded with DEATH COAL.
c'mon, guys. give us a break.