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Yes, sandra let's all go back to living in teepee's and using our feet to get to work and home and the kids to school. We'll have to stop busing, the kids would be walking anytime they are not in school. The peoples of poor nations can just fin for themselves, as we'd not be able to send them any ships, planes, etc.
I'm not sure what we'd burn to keep warm, it would have to suit the enviroment. I assume that you walk everywhere, don't have any trash, and are just generally sitting in your teepee waiting for death or whatever you think is coming. Why don't we just all pray to some god wandering around in the skies...heck he'd be able to solve it. I mean he made the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. By the way, he's god...why did he need to rest? Get a grip, climate has changed ever since this planet was formed and evolution began. How they can figure this climate change crap in with a god is beyond me. Which god, oh yeah, the sun god, the water god, and mother nature.joeanderson