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I sent you what you requested in my previous email. I was upset by the lack of depth in the area of climate change, but I enjoyed most of his opinions on why we should conserve, and how a greener world is one in which we will in closer contact (physical and spiritual) with one another.
He stated that Africa is going dry because of global warming. That does not make sense. This world is 3/5 or more water. Water evaporates, and then condenses. Just like there is CO2 saturation, there is water saturation. Water does not just stay suspended in the air, and we are too heavy a planet for it to achieve orbital or better velocity and be gone from the world. The impact of water vapor and heat differences will affect global water currents (I hear that the Japanese current in Northern California has changed a bit, making Southern California drier), and this may influence the weather. The mathematics, and the simulation of weather is a very difficult thing to achieve. I know, since I have been involved in simulations and computer models most of my life.

We also know the world has seen heat waves and cold waves much wider than we are observing prior to the advent of the world. DNA gets lost, and recreated throughout the history of the world. Where are the myriad of Dinosaurs that once inhabited the earth? So just saying platitudes and generalizations may convince those who wish to be convinced, but it is not a "scientific" or "mathematical" approach.

Leon Rogson