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Your point is not really germane. If global warming means a re-distribution of the ice in the world, that simply eliminates the argument for drowned cities by mitigating the rise of water around the continents. If it also means that the sea temperature will be lowered in some places (as it moves), it means that the sea temperature will grow warmer where it has been. We need a very accurate thermal simulation of the earth. Where will we get such a simulation, given that all our data is less than 70 years old, is spotty, and we need to cover millions of years to see if the simulation is accurate?
In any case, this looks very much like having a model of the stock market (where we have a huge amount of information). If you know of such a simulation, and it has predicted highs and lows accurately withn say $10, then I'll probably believe that we can guess at the temperature of the world in 100 years to the accuracy of 1 degree.
I'll look at I hope you don't see me as an anti green extremist.