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“As humans are confronted to suffering and death, as mirrors of their own suffering and death, they are confronted to their own fragility and vulnerability and this confrontation forces them to go beyond themselves by entering into a transcendent world that can be metaphysical, artistic and (or) poetic. This has probably been the origin of metaphysics, of art and poetry, which give us the capacity to project ourselves beyond the immediate reality of the difficulties of our life.”

in reference to Prudhomme's poem- I would say- we should interfere with suffering in that we should try to remedy it- this is why Che Guevara said: the true revolutionary spirit concerns love- to that effect.

And I would not say that a confrontation forces us to " try to go beyond ourselves by entering into a transcendant world"? AQs a poet, I experience poetry as a physical thing- like lust- I have that juice. What is he talking about? It's all too faux deep and precious.