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So refreshing to hear the "i" word used to describe all of this. I wonder why so few clergy are using it. Is the big lesson that every generation will be blind to its own idolatry and injustices, all the while harping on about superiority over people of the past? Anything to distract us from living in the moment, fully conscious, fully aware of cause and effect, and fully responsible.

I have pointed it out to my own Bishop and national church leaders, but there seems to be a code of silence. I know it has to do with money gifts.

Of course, they should have seen this a long time ago, since those sacred texts in all of these western faith traditions, of which they alone are expert for all their complexity, speak of it in the whole story of the formation of the Hebrew nation: golden calves, foreign lands, and later a desire for a king and a temple and probably many other things we don't even perceive yet. The Prophets spoke unpopularly then about injustices, indifference and self-serving social systems built around 'temples' and the societies they spawned.

The Clergy, and all their hierarchies they themselves serve (and any of the idolatry that symbolizes), have a lot to answer for once again. They alone are paid to understand the conditions of hearts of people in their care who work every day in the 'marketplace', and make all the decisions that got us to where we are today.

Perhaps, they will see fit to pass along the donation money they've all received from their spiritual charges needing to unload their subconscious sense of guilt to the little people in society now who need real support since there are not little jobs for them anymore!