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Speaking of faith is something I am really grateful that I happened to have heard about twice recently, first in my church and then on the radio on Sunday when I was heading to work feeling sorry for myself that I could not go to Church that day.
I realized that this and my small discussion group at church are really gifts to replace what I may be missing or more exactly to perhaps provide what I truly need not just what I think I want.
I think I should realize that I am not entitled to go to church just because I have most of my life but I should be grateful for those many opportunities that I have gotten to go. I am also aware that after being laid off after having the same job for over 28 years, in January, I should be very grateful to have a job to go to even if I do have to go on Sunday.
The interview with Chinese born novelist Anchee Min struck me the most. The American sense of entitlement bothers her. It has bothered me for a long time too even though, I too suffer from the condition, often without realizing it or questioning it.
Even so, quite often I feel disconnected from my own culture (perhaps, partially, because of my religions upbringing) and I can relate to how she feels. I’m not sure why exactly, but it was certainly refreshing, to say the least, to hear a different point of view expressed. And I am grateful to her for having the courage to express that point of view.
I guess several of the interviewees on the episode hit on a similar theme of Americans being caught unawares of what we are actually doing. I found it fascinating to consider what Vigen Guroian pointed out about students at Loyola College pursuing business degrees so that they could make money but they weren’t really sure why.
I think the why comes from the fact that we are so driven by advertising and business to need so many different things that we as a culture can become almost hypnotized by it all. We end up powerless to even begin to wonder “why”. Practically all we know is the need to buy, buy, and buy.
I think we have not only the sense of entitlement that Min speaks of but also a very deep sense of need that is indoctrinated in us perhaps not unlike the indoctrination she was subjected to while she was growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China.
Thank you for a wonderful, thought provoking show.