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I was so glad to hear Anchee Min say what I have felt for many years. Especially when she spoke of students. I teach at a middle school level and I see it on a daily basis. Students want something without doing the work. Parents will complain that they shouldn't have to work or they should get the better grade that they haven't earned. Their parents continually give and give without children doing anything in return. At the end of the year we have piles and piles of clothes, shoes etc. left behind because students have the attitude that their parents will buy them another and unfortunately they do. It is so persuasive. I also agree passionately that we are a country that feels entitled and we do not appreciate enough what we have even if we have lost things during these difficult times. I was lucky to have parents that taught me to work hard and even with that at times in my life I have been drawn in to the want, want want when I really couldn't afford it. I am now paying for that mentality. I hope with these difficult times that people will stop and reflect and move in a different direction.