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I listened to the interview twice and completely agreed with Anchee Min's perspective on the negative values American society posses. I recently moved from the Midwest to Southern CA, and wow, what a change in values and perspectives. I don't think either culture is right or wrong, but I'm proud that I was raised not getting whatever I wanted, not being able to come and go as I pleased, and having to work for what I wanted.
I'm sick of people not appreciating the consequences of their actions,... I'm tired of listening to people complain about high gas prices who drive SUV or people complain about their mortgage payments on houses they really couldn't afford.
I've been extremely broke in the past, living off of a part time job, going to college, and getting loans for school. I also studied abroad and survived off of the small amount of money I had saved. That was only a few years ago, but I'm doing better now during this crisis then I did in the past four years of college.
I hope the economic issues wake people up to values that fall outside of money and entitlement, such as responsibility, hard work, and ingenuity. I believe Americans still hold these things are important, but I think they got lost at the wayside of an explosion of economic growth.
I'm staying positive and thankful for the abundances I do have.