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I feel scared too. Sometimes I have no idea what to do. I think crisis and uncomfortable feelings are opportunities. It's not that they're opportunities that are easy to see or act on. I think as a culture we have been avoiding things for a long time and this crisis makes it harder to do that. I personally think that's important and good. What I do to stay grounded is try to stay in this moment and remember "this is all I have right now." I also think about a comment Carl Jung made when someone asked him if he thought there was hope for us as a human race. He said he didn't know and went on to say that it depended on how conscious individuals are willing to be and how willing individuals are to look at their "shadow." What he thought we could do to save the world (and our selves) is to begin to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions - especially those about which we feel a great deal of shame or horror. I like remembering this because it means that I don't have to save the world, I have to be conscious and act out of integrity as much as I can and that will have a positive effect on the world. That's also something I can do.