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The situation of today is allowing us to evaluate our lives and values within society to see what is really important. Within every crisis is a victory. The problem is that we are too close to the crisis to see or even think about the victory. A saying on our wall at home says that in change we can fight it, or allow it to take us to places we had not even thought of. The choice is ours. If we think that the sky is falling, we react in a way consumate with that feeling. If we believe that something good will come from this disaster, then we look for the opportunities that are present. We see what we expect.

What we need to be careful of is to not do anything. We need to use this time wisely. Not get caught up in the feeling of self pity of self loathing. If you have time on your hands. volunteer at a local school, hospital or food bank. Yes, even those who have what we say is nothing have a lot of what most of us crave, time. Mentor a child, get involved with SCORE, teach someone to read. In the past 50 years, the amount of available resources have never been greater than today. Let's use this opportunity while it is available. Go to your Church, Temple or other House of Worship and ask how you can help. Now is the time to share with others that which we have, be it time, money, food, experience or just an ear for listening. Don't do nothing, do something. Action does make people feel better.