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As a poet I have been ever more keenly aware of the importance of the ongoing practice of cultivating simplicity, in my life and in my own poetic work, in order to more fully hear and listen to the voice of the divine. For me, simplicity is intimately interwoven with abundance, which is interwoven with gratitude, which in turn is interwoven with blessing. (As an aside, I recently learned that in the Middle Ages, the word "silly" (seely or sele) meant spiritually blessed, enjoying the blessing of God, as well happy, blissful; fortunate, lucky, well-omened, auspicious. See the OED for more.) It is a challenge in these days, to be sure. The material ground beneath so many people's feet is rocky and unsure. Two of the poets that I have been reading a lot lately to aid in my meditations include William Stafford and John O'Donohue. I've also been reading and re-reading Margaret Guenther's essay on "The Fear of Abundance" which isn't about material abundance but spiritual abundance.