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I'd like to have Emily Dickinson's little masterpiece, "I'm Nobody" engraved on my tombstone because it echoes Jesus's challenge to reduce ourselves to "naught." I had previously thought the poem to be about that which the textbook editors said it was - privacy. But one day I heard a PBR interview of a world class ballerina. The interviewer asked her what she thought about just before she went out on stage. She said she thought of nothing. He pushed her a bit: "Maybe, in the same way a track star envisions the first few steps out of the blocks, you see yourself going through the first few steps of your dance." The ballerina said that if she did that, then the audience would see, when she went out onto the stage, HER, dancing. "Isn't that what you WANT them to see?" the interviewer asked. "Oh, no!" she said. "I want them to see the DANCE!" And then I "got" Emily Dickinson. She did not want to be burdened with "tell(ing) (her) name the livelong June/To (that) admiring bog." She wanted to be empty of ego - free and available to receive everything.