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Is This My Space?
I breath to be inspired by the living and the dead.
I follow the road that has already been paved,
avoiding paving one that may go nowhere.
My journey and adventures continue beyond this space.
I might even make a friend that will walk part of the way,
with me?
Who knows.
Are you this friend?

In these comments you write are your thoughts.
Your inner emotions that none can see but certainly feel.
These careful words you choose to express all that you need.
Important enough to share.
A luxury that one can enjoy.
Mmm,this is my chocolate.

A message from space it could be,
but no, as I am now part of this, new, community.
Random gifts of thoughts that are welcome, but are uninvited,
So many visitors into my space.
Alone I am not, but here I am on my own.
Yes, … I am … on my own.

I have read all your comments posted to date, and have enjoyed reading these, which inspired me to write the above. It's a lovely blog and one that I will call my favoutite, at least for the time being. Do I have anything to contribute? Probably nothing of interest, but interesting you all are. Please continue to write.