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Judy, I'm glad the songs could soothe your unease, however briefly. If I could, I'd like to suggest two SOF Playlists that have helped me — the first from our show with Vigen Guorian, a mix of rich choral music celebrating gardening and Pascha, and the second from an SOF classic in-studio with Joe Carter. When Lucian, my oldest son who's now three, was a babe, he was often inconsolable at night. As a last-ditch effort early, early one morning, I started playing Joe Carter singing Negro Spirituals and sang along with them. They soothed the savage beast; his music was the best palliative for the little man and I'm forever thankful now. Whew!

I also have to thank you. One of the common struggles we have here at SOF is titling: blog posts, program names, digital offerings, etc. Your feedback helps.