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I loved the experience of living in England, but the luster wore off after that. And, we were going into debt by living there longer. Several weeks later I returned home while my wife finished her fellowship. I'm glad I did too because I think I would have brought a pall to her experience in Oxford otherwise.

Funny thing is, I vicariously ended up at Speaking of Faith because of that event. It took a few months, but I eventually found jobs consulting at Target and Wells Fargo in commercial banking. Although I was asked to manage a team there, I declined and shortly thereafter realized that I wasn't invested in the work that I was doing. I learned what I didn't want to do.

I wanted to care about the material I was handling; I didn't. I used to listen to a lot of public radio streams at the time and was taken with the complexity of people in Krista's interviews. With no theological or technical training, I applied for the job anyhow thinking that at least I'd get to meet some of the people who work on the show. Good fortune smiled on me and it's been a great five years since.