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Dear Professor Amer
Thanks for your eloquent thoughts about equality between lenders and borrowers. You taught me how close Catholic and Islamic doctrine are in this issue.
As a child of the 60's i promised myslef that I would fight the sytem by not paying any interest if I could avoid it. Unfortunately I could not do so, but I did pay my house in eigth years saving over $160 thousand dollars in interest. As I watch college students stressed to the maximum over the loans that they will have to pay, I am glad I did not have children, for I also saw back in the 60's that I would not want to bring children to the world we were creating.
As I look at the mess we are in, I see we cannot continue of this path to destruction. Progress in my book does not mean practicing rampant capitalism, bailing out those who create the problems, or creating more technology and more products to consume. We need to reconcile our personal mission with our collective mission and start thinking that in a global economy, one person's act affects the whole world.
In the end, the great equalizer...DEATH....shows us that we cannot take our wealth to the grave. The new fuel of our economy should not be 'interest weath' but 'social capital'.

Thanks for your thoughts,